is not a witch, but HE has a spell that makes me yield in front of him!

HE is not also a thief, but HE succeeded in stealing all my attention!

HE was the most valuable person in my life

HE can change all my days became more beautiful

If I were Shinichi Kudou and HE was Ran Mouri, I definitely would say the same thing like that Shinichi said to Ran


Unfortunately, the animation character instead of my life can be arranged the same authorship.

This is my real life and he is also real!

If i had the chance to see HIM one more time, I would say

I love you more than you could imagine. You know that I want you so fucking bad.. I love you with all of me…

Fortunately i ever read a novel that can make me inspired. In the novel, one of the characters says:

All of that love should be revealed, there is no love which is not revealed, except by people who too loves himself (Semua cinta itu harus diungkapkan, ga ada cinta yang ga diungkapkan, kecuali oleh orang yang terlalu mencintai dirinya sendiri, Zafran – 5cm)

Finally, HE knows but that time is not the right time. It’s okay, because I already know the risks. I guess the way to runs out HE was quieter, apparently not well. Yeah Initially I was relieved it was not ever finished talking to HIM. Calmly, comfortably, and seems ready to start a new life again. But it turns out I was wrong … a few days after all of that I’m even more really miss HIM so much, so fucking bad. Miss unrivaled. Miss excessively. Miss maximum.

I always remember HIM when i wake up or when I’m going to close my eyes. everything I do reminds me about HIM. I wish every message come from HIM. And there was a time when I miss really and very worried about HIM, all of a sudden my phone vibrate and the message from HIM, and I pray first and then read and the miracle was happening.
HE said : Don’t worry, I’m fine!
It was the best message that I’ve ever gotten. I never remove every message from HIM..

I always active in my social network, only to see HE appeared in timeline but never open his profil ’cause I know there’s something that make me sad if I do it.

There are no longer communication, suddenly HE appeared in the media social,  and when I read HIS name my heart beating so fast and no longer felt my cheeks wet. It’s just read HIS name, had not read what HE has written.
Maybe this idiom is right…..

When you are so missed someone, your tears say more than your words..

I don’t know what should I do now…. But if I have to waiting HIM again, I’ll do… one year, two years, three years or many years…. It’s OK. Cause I’ve been waiting so long until this time,  so it doesn’t matter if I do it again..
But I tell you this, If someday I meet someone who cares me a lot, who loves me so much as I do to You, maybe I will detach you. But not this time!
Please keep my words today, You’re the apple of my eye and no one can replaced it! Always!!

I didn’t choose you. Never. But my heart did. Am I wrong?

I say a little prayer for HIM everyday, because HE is someone who means so much to me.

I hope he read this, but even HE doesn’t do, I know HE knows that I loved HIM so bad.

Thank you for the time you’ve spent with me.

Thank you for the time when you heard my story.

Thank you for helping me when I need something.

Thank you for making me smile when I can’t.

Thank you for teaching me how to love with the love from God.

Thank you for being so nice to me although you know my feeling was.

Yeaahhh that’s the story about DIA!

So, who is HE in this story?? That’s a secret guys… only God knows it
what’s next??
nothing, just waiting…..

I wish I can make a novel from this post, hahhahah

Thank you for reading this unimportant post. …

I’m just like to write everything that my heads thinking of

See you at another post
God bless you full, reader!

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